Das Europa-Kolleg Kassel e.V.

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Cultural and Recreational Programme/Workshops

(afternoons, evenings and Saturdays)

The purpose of our cultural and recreational progamme is to:

  • inform you about Germany as well as about Kassel and the surrounding area
  • give you the opportunity to engage in intercultural comparison and conversation
  • help you to relax and enjoy yourself


Programme activities:

  • presentations on cultural topics e.g. history, politics, literature, traditional customs
  • city tour and rally
  • whole-day excursions
  • visit to the local VW factory
  • visit to the "Old Masters Gallery" (works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Dürer, Titian)
  • visit to the "New Gallery" (works from the Romantic Period to the present day)
  • visit to the City Museum of Kassel
  • films

Exkursion Exkursion

The entire cultural and recreational programme is included in the course fees.


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