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Levels of Instruction

Our Intensive Courses are taught at four different levels.
Your initial level will be determined by a placement test given on the first day of classes.

The Elementary Course (A)

introduces basic oral and written German language skills. Instruction is geared towards participants’ communicative needs and utilizes audio-visual aids.
Course goal: European Scale of Reference A1

The Expansion Course (E)

expands students’ elementary language ability by reviewing and improving control of the case system and practicing narration in different time frames. Students will learn to handle most every day situations and talk about various topics. We offer additional lessons in pronunciation (90 minutes) to students at the elementary and intermediate levels on one afternoon per week.
Course goal: European Scale of Reference A2


Unterricht Unterricht


The Intermediate Course (F)

expands students’ intermediate ability by reviewing forms, vocabulary, and strategies needed to describe and narrate in connected discourse. More advanced grammar topics are introduced and/or reviewed, such as the passive voice and subjunctive forms. Students practice handling difficult everyday situations and learn how to resolve complications. This course helps prepare students for the "Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache" (German language certificate).
Course goal: European Scale of Reference B1

The Advanced Course (O)

broadens and refines the student’s knowledge of the German language and his/her communicative abilities. This course includes selected readings about politics, culture, business and everyday life, as well as literary texts. Radio broadcasts and current films may also be included in this course.
Course goal: European Scale of Reference B2 - C1



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