Stadt Kassel

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Learn German in Kassel

Welcome to Kassel

Kassel - 1,000 years old - lies in the middle of Germany between Frankfurt and Hanover.
Resident here once upon a time were the landgraves and electoral princes of Hessia, also temporarily Napoleon´s brother Jerôme and later Kaiser Wilhelm II.
This is also one reason for the plurality of the cultural attractions, such as the prestigious picture gallery in the romantic park of Wilhelmshöhe.  With 200,000 inhabitants, Kassel is large enough for a host of different activities, but also small enough for the people to feel at home here.


Kassel´s Culture

Kassel is the city of the Grimm brothers who gained world fame with their fairy stories.  As the landgrave´s librarians, they also discovered here Germany´s oldest literary work, the "Song of Hildebrand".
Every five years, the largest international exhibition of contemporary art - the "documenta" - is held in Kassel.

Orangerie documenta


German in Kassel

Kassel is ideal for learning how to speak German. Here the people speak good German without any trace of dialect.

Kassel Innenstadt Rathaus


Active Kassel

  • Dynamic downtown, enchanting setting
  • Unique park landscapes and historical buildings
  • Performing Arts Centre with opera, theatre and ballet
  • Numerous cinemas
  • A whole variety of concerts from classic to rock
  • A host of discotheques
  • "Feel-at-home" restaurants, pubs and beer gardens
  • Sports and fitness: outdoor and indoor swimming pools, huge thermal pool, tennis courts ...
  • Nearby forests and meadows yor for rambling, jogging and cycling