Teilnehmer des Europa-Kollegs

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Learn German in kassel

The Europa-Kolleg

  • Intensive courses
  • Small study groups
  • Class levels for all needs
  • Tests on a regular basis
  • One-to-one assistance
  • Experienced, trained teachers
  • Pleasant, congenial ambiance
  • Active, effective communication

Multi-Media-Studio Multi-Medi-Studio

The Europa-Kolleg courses are all international. It is located on the pleasant campus of the Adult Education Centre and is run by a non-profit-making organisation.


Cultural Programme

  • Learning and leisure
  • Guided museum tours
  • City tours with professional guides
  • Day excursions
  • Appealing cinema shows
  • Convivial Kolleg evenings


Teilnehmerin Teilnehmer


Living with a host Family

In the family

  • Learning naturally in everyday situations
  • Getting to know German family life


International Community

Over 40,000 foreign pupils, students and working people from over 80 countries have learnt German at the Europa-Kolleg in Kassel since 1967.

Apart from learning the German language and the German way of life, the international flair and friendly atmosphere enable course participants to get to know a great deal about many other countries and cultures.


Internationale Gemeinschaft europa-kolleg


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